How to Clean Leather Apple Watch Band

How to Clean Leather Apple Watch Band

Frequently cleaning your Apple Watch band not only makes it look better but also lowers the risk of skin irritation, improves comfortability, and gets rid of any lingering odor. It is particularly more important to clean if you are using a leather Apple Watch band. When cleaning leather you need to keep in mind of number of things as you cannot clean it like you would a silicone or nylon watch band. So, in this comprehensive guide, we’ve included everything on how to clean leather Apple Watch band. 


How to clean leather Apple Watch band | 2 easy methods

Proper maintenance is essential if you want your Apple Watch leather band to last as long as possible. No special care is required beyond a regular cleaning treatment and some extra care whenever you put it on or take it off. There are some differences in clearing methods based on the intensity of dirt. Here we will cover all the points and methods for cleaning your leather watch bands.


However, if you have a white watch band, then cleaning it requires extra effort. Luckily, the process of cleaning white Apple Watch bands is not that difficult.

Method 1: For dirt due to everyday usage

Using a leather band daily can result in a dark hue of dust. Also, the sweat and humidity from the environment can create a dusty layer on your leather band. Although, cleaning this basic layer of dirt is quite easy. Here we will show you the steps of how to clear out the dirt due to daily usage. Using eucalyptus oil or essential oil will give your leather band a shiny new look. Alongside, it will remove all the natural build-up of dirt and blackness.

Steps to clear dirt due to daily usage from leather Apple Watch band

  • Turn off and remove the Apple Watch from the band.
  • Wipe the leather band with a clean, non-abrasive, lint-free cloth.
  • Then, dampen the cloth in essential oil or eucalyptus oil and wipe the bands.
  • Finally, check for spots and wipe out any residue. 

Method 2: For dirty spots or fungus on the leather Apple Watch band

Leathers are prone to humidity. Therefore, high moisture or humidity can easily create dirty spots or fungi. Although, you may find some sources on the internet to use rubbing alcohol and toothpaste as cleaning agents. But both of these agents do more harm than cleaning leather bands. To clean any stains, you must always use softer oils such as baby or essential oils. 

Furthermore, you can use leather cleaner & conditioner for cleaning. It will provide extra protection from UV damage and cracking. Also, any spots due to fungus and moisture can easily be removed with it.

Steps to clear dirty spots or fungus from leather Apple Watch band

  • Turn off and remove the Apple Watch from your leather watch band.
  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe off any visible dust particles.
  • Next, dampen the cloth with a leather cleaner conditioner solution and wipe the band.
  • Keep up the process until you are satisfied with the result.
  • Finally, rub gently and remove any residual elements.

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What are the elements to avoid while cleaning the leather Apple Watch band?

Leather cleaning is a complicated process that requires a very specific type of compound. The abrasive or wrong type of chemicals will damage its natural look and shininess. To clean leather, always avoid alcohol, acetone, detergent, or soap. Also, avoid toothpaste or water to clean your leather wristband. 

Is it alright to use a disinfectant on the leather Apple Watch band?

Leather is a sensitive element that is prone to abrasive and harsh chemicals. Alcohol, acetone, detergent, or any sort of disinfectant chemical disrupts the natural look of leather. But essential oil is your best bet if you need to disinfect your leather watch band. It is a natural disinfectant and creates a shiny layer of protection on your leather watch band.


Here we have described all the best and most effective ways how to clean leather Apple Watch bands for your iPhone. Following these simple tips, you can maintain the classy look of leather on your watch band.

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