How to Add Friends on Spotify- 3 Easy ways

How to Add Friends on Spotify- 3 Easy ways


Every music lover on the planet is acquainted with Spotify. It is the most widely used platform in the world for listening to free music. Spotify, which operates in 90 different nations, now provides over 60 million songs without any charge. Along with that, you get access to free podcasts as well. 


Spotify gives you the chance to connect with your friends and family via music. You can discover new music from others’ profiles and join in with their playlists as well. For all of that, you’ll need to be connected to them on Spotify as friends first. Discovering music by seeing what your friends have been listening to is one of the main privileges of Spotify.


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If you don’t know how to add someone on Spotify, this guide is exactly for you. The process of adding a friend on Spotify is fairly simple. We have compiled this guide for you to teach you how to add friends on Spotify in no time.

How To Add Friends on Spotify | 3 Ways

Spotify allows you to connect to a lot of people with diverse music tastes. With the privilege of Follow Friends, you can follow anyone’s Spotify profile, whether an artist or just a friend. After that, you can see their playlists with varying music genres and tracks, greatly widening your music experience. You can share the links of your own favorite songs with your friends too. A separate friend activity or community section of Spotify specifically exists for this.

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Additionally, Spotify offers a feature called Collaborative Playlists that allows you to make Spotify playlists with as many friends as you like. Sharing and listening to your combined music playlist together has been considered an ultimate bonding experience between friends. You can also have Group sessions with your friends. Here, Multiple users can join a session and choose which Spotify song should be played next.

In order to enjoy all of these features and privileges Spotify has to offer; you’ll need to know how to add a friend on Spotify. There are three easiest methods to do this.

  1. Add friends on Spotify by searching for them on Spotify
  2. Add friends on Spotify via Facebook
  3. Add friends on Spotify through their playlist link

Either of the methods will allow you to follow a user as your friend on Spotify. It doesn’t affect whichever method you end up choosing.

Method 1: Search For Friends On Spotify

We’ve seen many people asking, “Can you add friends on Spotify without Facebook?” The answer to that question is yes; it is possible to easily add someone on Spotify without connecting to their Facebook ID.

If you want to know how to add friends on Spotify without using Facebook, search for their names on Spotify. For this method to work, you will need to know their Spotify profile name in the exact way they have used. As there are plenty of user profiles on Spotify with the same name, it can be a little confusing and time-consuming to find the right one.

To help with that confusion, you can ask your friend to send you the direct Spotify link to their profile. Moreover, you might want to cross-check with the friend after finding their profile on Spotify that it is really their profile. If you’re still confused, no worries!

Here we have provided a step-by-step detailed guide on how to search for friends on Spotify and add them.

  • Go to the Spotify app on your phone or laptop.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • On your phone, you’ll find the search option at the bottom of the screen. On a personal computer, the search option will be at the top left corner.’
  • Type the name of your friend’s profile in the search field exactly as they use it. A whole page full of similar names will appear.
  • Scroll down and click on See All Profiles to better browse and find the profile of your friend.
  • Tap Follow under the name on their profile. It will change to Following, and you’ll start following the user from then on.

Method 2: Add Friends on Spotify by linking to Facebook

The easiest way to know how to add friends on Spotify is to use Facebook. Usually, this will require you to be friends with them on Facebook as well. Moreover, you will need to connect or link your own Facebook ID to Spotify first and foremost.

After connecting your Spotify account to Facebook, you can see your Facebook friends who have a Spotify account. From there on, you can go ahead and start to follow them in the simplest way. Only by clicking the Follow button next to their names will it be enough to connect you on Spotify. 

Follow these steps below to connect your Facebook account to Spotify and add your friends to the platform.

  • Go to the Spotify app on your phone or laptop.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • On the upper right corner, tap on the Settings (gear-shaped) icon.
  • Click on your own profile at the top of the next page.
  • Select the three dots at the very top right corner of the page.
  • Choose the Find Friends option which will take you to the next page asking to connect to Facebook.
  • In the middle of the screen, tap on Connect to Facebook.
  • At this point, Spotify will ask for permission to access your Facebook account. Read through the conditions and press Continue to carry on the connection.
  • Enter your Facebook username and password, as usual, to log in to your Facebook account. Now your Facebook account is perfectly synced with your Spotify account across all other platforms.
  • Now, open the Spotify app again and follow these same steps until you reach the Find Friends option.
  • There will be a list of your Facebook friends who also have Spotify accounts. Scroll down and find the person you want to add to Spotify.
  • Tap on the Follow button right next to their username on this page to start following them on Spotify as well.
  • You can also simply click the Follow All button to start following all of your Facebook friend’s Spotify accounts indiscriminately.

Method 3: Add Friends On Spotify From A Playlist Link

Suppose one of your friends has sent you a link to their own playlist on some other platform. When you enter the playlist to listen to, you can easily see the username and profile which has created the playlist. If you want to follow this friend, you can simply find their account from there and follow them.

Since this method is very circumstantial, adding someone to Spotify is not the best course of action. First and foremost, your friend would need to copy the playlist link and send it to you personally. Moreover, the playlist would need to be public in order for you to access it. Still, knowing the process could be helpful at any time.

So, here are the directions you need to follow to add a friend through a playlist they shared.

  • Click on the personal Spotify playlist link sent by your friend.
  • The playlist will directly open in the Spotify app. Make sure you are logged in to your account beforehand.
  • Under the name of the playlist, you can see the person’s username who has created the playlist.
  • Click on the username here to be redirected to their profile at once.
  • Tap Follow under the name on their profile. It will change to Following, and you’ll be friends with the user from now on.

How to Remove a Friend on Spotify?

We haven’t only talked abouthow to follow people on Spotify in this guide. We’re here to let you know the process of removing someone as well. There could be moments when you regret adding a certain person to your Spotify account.

You could’ve added someone random or problematic by mistake and now want to remove them from your friend list. Or you might have changed your mind about following someone as your music tastes grow and change over time. Whatever it is, knowing how to remove or unfollow a friend comes along with learning how to add them. Let’s take a look at exactly what steps you need to follow in order to remove someone from your Spotify.

  1. Directly head over to the Friend Activity section for quicker detection of the user.
  2. Scroll and locate the user name of the person you want to remove from the account.
  3. Click on their username to be redirected to their profile.
  4. You’ll see a square box saying Following under their profile. Tap on the three dots right next to the Following button.
  5. A drop-down menu will appear next. At the very top, select the Unfollow button.
  6. Another way you could do this is by simply tapping on the Following box. It will instantly change into Follow option as you’ve already unfollowed them.


Of course, you can always share links with your friends to share a particular track at any time. However, it is the best use of the Spotify experience if you resort to the social features that Spotify has to offer. We’ve offered a step-by-step guide on how to add friends on Spotify for this very reason.

In case you’re skeptical about connecting your private Facebook account to Spotify, there’s a solution provided for that too! We’ve also delved into the process of how to find friends on Spotify without Facebook as well. So, don’t be late and start adding your friends to your Spotify account right away! Turn on the Friend Activity option to always see what they’re listening to and join in anytime.

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