EufyCam 3 (S330) Review: Unveiling the Power of 4K Security Camera

EufyCam 3 (S330) Review: Unveiling the Power of 4K Security Camera

Protection has been the top priority of human beings since the Paleolithic era. But over time, tech-savviness has taken over the stone weapons. Surveillance is the new-age Kingsguard. And what’s a better form of surveillance than a camera like EufyCam 3?


EufyCam 3, Anker’s latest addition to its security lineup, brings a formidable combination of cutting-edge features to the table. This battery-powered outdoor security camera aims to redefine your home surveillance experience. It can achieve such heights with 4K video resolution, an integrated floodlight, local storage, and enhanced smart alerts.


In this review, we’ll delve into the design, performance, and smart features of the EufyCam 3, comparing it with key competitors like Arlo Ultra 2, Arlo Pro 4, Eufy SoloCam S40, and Ring Stick Up Cam.

Design and Build Quality

The EufyCam 3 has a sleek and modern design that doesn’t look out of place when mounted outdoors. It possesses dimensions of 3.2 x 1.8 x 3.2 inches and has a weight of 11.2 ounces, establishing itself as a compact security camera suitable for installation in diverse locations.

The camera housing is constructed out of durable white plastic that provides protection against the elements. It has an IP67 weatherproof rating, meaning it is dust-tight.

It also can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without damage. This makes the EufyCam 3 suitable for installation in both indoor and outdoor locations.

Overall, the EufyCam 3 feels well-built and sturdy. The plastic housing doesn’t flex or creak when handled, and the mounts feel solid and secure. While it may not have the ultra-premium build quality of metal security cameras, the EufyCam 3’s plastic construction seems rugged enough for most home security needs.

During testing, the EufyCam 3 held up well when being mounted outside through several rainstorms. Also, it is being bumped and jostled intentionally.

The weatherproofing seals kept moisture out of the housing, so the camera continued operating normally. Unless subjected to extreme abuse, the EufyCam 3’s build quality should withstand normal outdoor use for many years.

Video and Audio Quality

The EufyCam 3 delivers excellent video and audio quality for a wireless security camera. It records video in 2560 x 1920 resolution with an ultra-wide 140° field of view. This high resolution and wide field of view allow the EufyCam 3 to capture fine details in crystal clear 4K clarity. 

For night vision, the camera uses 8 high-power infrared LEDs to illuminate up to 10 meters in the dark. The night vision video remains in full color instead of switching to grayscale like some other cameras. This helps maintain excellent visibility at night.

The EufyCam 3 contains a large 1/2.7″ image sensor, which is considerably bigger than the 1/2.9″ sensors found in most competing wireless cameras. The larger image sensor allows the EufyCam 3 to capture more light and detail, resulting in superior image quality, especially in low-light conditions.

For audio, the EufyCam 3 has a built-in microphone and speaker for crystal-clear two-way audio communication. The noise and echo canceling technology allows for loud and clear voice pickup and transmission. You can easily carry on a conversation through the EufyCam 3.

Smart Features

The EufyCam 3’s smart features include advanced AI-powered motion and human detection, as well as customizable activity zones. Privacy is a priority, with local storage on the HomeBase 3 hub and no data uploaded to the cloud. The absence of monthly fees and contracts provides users with complete control over their recordings.

Push notifications can alert you immediately when the EufyCam 3 detects a person or other motion. Notifications are fast and reliable thanks to Eufy’s direct-to-user cloud service. You’ll get alerts even if your internet goes down since notifications are stored locally and resent when connected.

Storage and Power

Balancing local and cloud storage options, the EufyCam 3 records to a microSD card (up to 256GB) and offers 16GB of onboard eMMC storage for cloud backups.

With a claimed battery life of up to 180 days and the option for solar panel charging, the EufyCam 3 ensures continuous, hassle-free operation.

Powering the camera is a built-in rechargeable battery. Eufy claims the EufyCam 3 will last up to 180 days on a single charge. This is pretty impressive compared to other battery-powered security cameras. It means you can install the camera pretty much anywhere without needing to worry about wiring power cables.

Adding to the convenience is a solar panel charging option. The solar panel connects via USB-C and can continuously recharge the battery during daytime hours. So you can essentially install the camera in any sunny location and not have to worry about battery life at all. The solar panel ensures your EufyCam 3 stays powered around the clock.

Connectivity and Installation

Equipped with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi connectivity, the configuration process via the Eufy Security app is swift and straightforward. The magnetic mount and wireless design facilitate flexible installation without the need for drilling.

The app guides users through ideal camera placement, and the IP67 weatherproof rating ensures reliability in various outdoor conditions.

Recommended Uses

The EufyCam 3 is a great option for monitoring outdoor areas like driveways, backyards, and building perimeters. It works well for motion-activated security and notifications. The long battery life makes it easy to install and forget. HomeKit support also makes it a good choice for Apple smart home enthusiasts.

Summary of Pros and Cons


  • Sharp 4K video resolution
  • Long 180-day battery life per charge
  • Weatherproof IP67 rating
  • Local storage with 32GB base storage
  • HomeKit and Alexa compatible


  • No free cloud storage option
  • No continuous video recording
  • Limited 12m night vision range

EufyCam 3 vs. Competitors: A Comprehensive Comparison

Here is the comparison chart for the features of EufyCam 3, Arlo Ultra 2, Arlo Pro 4, Eufy SoloCam S40, and Ring Stick Up Cam:

FeatureEufyCam 3Arlo Ultra 2Arlo Pro 4Eufy SoloCam S40Ring Stick Up Cam
Video Resolution4K4K2K2K1080p
Night VisionColor (10m)Color (Up to 7.6m)Black & WhiteColor (Up to 10m)Black & White (9m)
Storage OptionsLocal + CloudLocal + CloudLocal + CloudLocal + CloudLocal + Cloud
Smart DetectionAI Human DetectionAI Object DetectionAI Human DetectionAI Human DetectionMotion Detection
Battery LifeUp to 180 daysVariesVariesUp to 365 days (solar-powered)Varies
Weatherproof RatingIP67VariesVariesIP67IPX3
Two-Way AudioYesYesYesYesYes

The EufyCam 3 competes favorably with its competitors, offering a balance of video quality, battery life, and privacy features. Arlo Ultra 2 boasts 4K resolution and varied battery life. EufyCam 3’s pricing, local storage, and smart detection make it a strong contender.

The Eufy SoloCam S40 and Ring Stick Up Cam provide alternative options based on specific preferences and requirements. It ensures a diverse range of choices in the market.


The EufyCam 3 is an excellent wireless outdoor security camera that competes favorably with Arlo and Ring options. It provides 2K high-definition video, compatibility with HomeKit, a 180-day battery life on a single charge, IP67 weatherproofing, motion detection, and night vision extending up to 30 feet. The lack of continuous video recording may be a downside for some.

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