How to Connect Ring Camera to WiFi: The Proper Guidance to Connect Your Doorbell Camera 

How to Connect Ring Camera to WiFi: The Proper Guidance to Connect Your Doorbell Camera 

Do you want to know how to connect Ring camera to WiFi? A ring camera records and stores the video clips of the events that happen around your home. Here, we will show you how to connect Ring camera to WiFi in a few simple steps.


You just need to download and log in to the Ring app. Certainly, you could be new to the app, so provide your credentials and create an account. Then, scan the code on your camera and name it. Just plug in your camera and connect it to Wi-Fi. Make a few adjustments to your camera settings. That’s all you’re good to go.


We will also explain how to reconnect your Ring camera if you change your Wi-Fi settings and some of the common reasons and fixes for Ring camera not connecting to Wi-Fi.

How to connect Ring camera to Wi-Fi – Step-by-step guide

Connecting the Ring camera to WiFi is no rocket science. You just need to follow some steps as we describe here. You might need help from software, but no help from any professional is needed here.

Step#1: Install the Ring app on your device

Download the Ring app on any available device. It can be your phone or tablet (Android or iOS). Unfortunately, this application cannot be downloaded on your PC or laptop.

Step#2: Create a Ring app account

Now, you need to either create an account and, if you have already done it earlier, then log in to the app to continue. So, if you don’t have an account, then when you open the Ring app, tap on Create account. After that, follow the on-screen instructions and provide your credentials to sign up.

Step#3: Prepare the Ring camera for setup

Next, on the top left corner of the app, hit the menu icon and select “Set Up a Device.” Next, select the kind of camera you have, whether it is the normal Ring Camera or Doorbell video camera.

Step#4: Scan the code on the Ring camera

Now, use your device (phone or tablet) to scan the MAC ID barcode or the QR code on the Ring camera using the Ring app. You’ll also find the code in the little booklet that came with the camera.

Step#5: Name your camera and select its location.

In the next two steps, you need to provide your location information and give a name to your Ring camera to the Ring app.

Step#6: Put the Ring camera in the setup mode

Plug your camera into a power socket or any charging port and wait for the light on the front to start flashing. If the light doesn’t flash, try to repeat this step again.

Alternatively, you can try to manually put the Ring camera in the setup mode. It is done by pressing the setup button on the Ring camera until you see a white light that starts blinking. The continuous flashing of this light means that the camera is in the setup mode.

Step#7: Connect the device to the Ring camera’s WiFi access point

The setup mode for the Ring camera means that it creates a temporary WiFi access point. Then, with your supporting device (your phone or tablet), you can connect that to that WiFi access point.

On your iPhone (or iPad), you need to go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Then you need to turn it on if it isn’t already, and from there, you need to select the Ring camera’s Wi-Fi access point. It could be labeled as Ring followed by the last 6 numbers of the MAC ID, or it could be Ring Setup followed by the last 2 numbers of the MAC ID.

Step#8: Connect your Ring camera to WiFi

Finally, you are now ready to connect the Ring camera to the WiFi. Going back to the Ring app, select your Wi-Fi network from the list of available nearby networks. Then, enter your Wi-Fi password to connect. Once your Ring camera is connected to WiFi, you can go ahead and give it a test run.

How to reconnect your Ring doorbell camera to WiFi

After connecting your Ring doorbell to WiFi, you could disconnect it for some reason or want to change the WiFi on the Ring doorbell and wish to reconnect to your previous WiFi network again. So, here is a guide on how you can reconnect your doorbell camera to WiFi:


Open the Ring app on an electronic device (unfortunately, you cannot use the Ring app on a PC or laptop), and tap on the device icon of your camera.


Tap on Device Health, and then tap on Reconnect to Wi-Fi.


Now, follow the instructions on the Ring app to scan the QR code (Android) or MAC ID barcode (iPhone) on the back of your camera, and select your new Wi-Fi network from the list. Enter your new Wi-Fi password if prompted.


Wait for the app to confirm that your camera has successfully reconnected to a new WiFi network.

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Ring doorbell camera not connecting to WiFi: Reasons and fixes!

The most annoying thing to happen when using a Ring doorbell is the weak signal or disconnection of the camera with your WiFi. Sometimes, people can’t even connect the device on the first go, even following all the steps correctly.

So, if you are unable to connect the camera to the WiFi, don’t get enraged, instead follow the instructions stated below:


  • Low battery: The most common issue of all. Not having enough power in your camera battery could be one major reason for not connecting to the WiFi.
  • Poor signal: The weak signal issue occurs when the router is too far away from the camera, or there are too many obstacles between the doorbell camera and the router.
  • Incorrect password: If you type an incorrect password, your doorbell camera won’t connect to the WiFi.
  • Router issues: If the router is malfunctioning or overloaded with too many devices, it won’t be connecting to the doorbell camera.
  • Firmware issues: Your camera or router might not be compatible with each other or have some bugs that prevent them from connecting if they have outdated firmware.


  • Low battery: Charge your battery fully or replace it with a spare one.
  • Poor signal: Move your camera or router closer together or use a Wi-Fi extender or a Chime Pro device.
  • Incorrect password: Please ensure you have typed the latest password for your WiFi network. We often change our WiFi password, so it’s common to enter the previous password and wonder why your doorbell camera isn’t connecting to the WiFi.
  • Router issues: Reboot your router or reduce the number of devices connected to it.
  • Firmware issues: Update the firmware of both your camera and your router.


In conclusion, we have instructed and demonstrated to you how to connect the Ring camera to WiFi and how to reconnect it if you change your Wi-Fi settings.

We have also explained some of the common reasons and fixes for Ring cameras not connecting to Wi-Fi. Connecting your Ring camera to Wi-Fi is essential for accessing the live feed and the cloud storage of your device.

It also allows you to connect your camera with other smart devices and services, such as Alexa and IFTTT. We hope that this article has helped you solve any connection issues with your Ring camera, and improve your security and convenience in your home.

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