Wyze Camera Won’t Connect to WiFi: Reasons & Fixes!

Wyze Camera Won’t Connect to WiFi: Reasons & Fixes!

Are you puzzled as to why your Wyze camera is not connecting to WiFi? Wireless cameras are one of the best solutions for 24/7 surveillance of your place. Wyze cameras have gained people’s trust in this case. Though these are great solutions, they often face troubleshooting related to the WiFi. It is very common that your Wyze camera won’t connect to WiFi. Do not worry, as you are not the only one facing this problem.


In this article, we are going to discuss common troubleshooting from the beginning to the end. But the main focus would be on the connectivity issue. WiFi is responsible for the discontinuity of your Wyze camera. Be with us and find out why your Wyze camera is not connecting to WiFi.


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Why Does the Wyze Camera Won’t Connect to WiFi?

The frequency band of your WiFi is one of the main reasons behind it. The Wyze cameras are developed to work on the 2.4 GHz WiFi bandwidth. Other than this, bandwidth is not going to work with it.

But another WiFi bandwidth of 5 GHz is also available. This 5 GHz bandwidth might be fast and more secure, but the Wyze cam you are using is not designed to function in this bandwidth. You must ensure that you are using a 2.4 GHz WiFi bandwidth for your Wyze cam connectivity.

Common Reason & Fixes for Wyze Camera not Connecting

Not only is the bandwidth frequency responsible for the issues of WiFi connectivity to your Wyze cam but There are more possible reasons that might be responsible as well. Let us get to know other likely causes for which your Wyze cam is not connecting to the WiFi.

Issues with the WiFi Network

How to identify?

The camera is working well over other WiFi but is facing issues with certain WiFi. Then, the problem might be with the WiFi network. So, this needs to be checked now.

Why does this happen?

  • WiFi frequency might not match (only 2.4 GHz bandwidth is operable for this)
  • Congested network
  • Problematic WiFi router
  • Weak WiFi Signal
  • Unstable WiFi Signal

How do we fix this?

  • Must ensure that your Wyze cam is connected to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network. To check that-
    • For Android: Settings > Wireless & networks (or Connections) > See the network name
    • For iOS: Settings > WiFi > Network name
  • Too many devices working on the same WiFi network cause this issue. So, try disconnecting other devices connected to the WiFi network.
  • Check for the router to see if it is damaged or not
    • Try to restart the router.
  • Any heavy obstacle between the router and the cam must be removed.
    • Using a signal repeater might be useful as well
  • Check your WiFi modem or contact your ISP

Connectivity Issue

How to identify?

The Wyze camera is losing connection more often. The connection is inconsistent. Then, the problem might be with the WiFi network or with the camera’s settings itself.

Why does this happen?

  • Inappropriate network credentials
  • Network congestion
  • Inappropriate camera settings

How do we fix this?

  • Inappropriate password input might be the issue. Need to check the password and the SSID of the WiFi network.
  • A limited number of devices need to be connected over the same WiFi network.
  • The network settings from the Wyze app should be checked. Misconfiguration of the camera settings might delve into this issue. So, the settings should be reviewed.
  • Try to restart the camera.

Camera Glitches

How to identify?

Everything with the WiFi router and the connection seems to be fine, but yet the camera is failing to connect to the WiFi. Then, this might happen due to the firmware or software glitch.

Why does this happen?

Outdated version of the firmware

  • Wyze camera developers regularly update their firmware to resolve bugs and errors to reduce glitches.
  • Using an outdated firmware version is not adapted to avoid all the glitches.

How do we fix this?

You need to update your Wyze camera firmware to the latest version through the Wyze app.

Malfunctioning Hardware

How to identify?

This can not be identified early; otherwise, there is any physical damage observed on the camera. If you have gone through the previously mentioned troubleshoots and yet the problem is not resolved, then it might be a hardware issue.

Why does this happen?

  • Damaged hardware (internal or external)
    • The hardware responsible for the network connectivity might get damaged. This leads to disruption in connecting to Wyze wireless cameras.
    • You might damage the hardware due to external force or wrongful penetration of any liquid.
  • The components responsible for connectivity may malfunction.

How do we fix this?

  • Look for the damaged part and diagnose if repair is possible
  • Try to open up the camera case and clean specks of dust (if there is any)
  • Try to consult a mechanic or security camera expert for hardware damage

Troubleshooting: The Advanced Ones

You have done all the things we have discussed above. Yet your problem is that they are sticking to your nose. What to do now?

Alright, now follow these steps:

  1. Confirm that the password for your Wyze app and your WiFi are different
  2. One more time, check for the password you have put
    1. Check for spaces before and after the password
    1. Check for capital and small letters in the password
  3. Ensure that the router utilizes the WPA/WPA2 encryption type
    1. You will find this at the back of your router. There might be a label with this information.

If your problem is still not solved, then we would request that you consult the Wyze support team.

How to do Regular Maintenance?

If you want to avoid any hassle related to connectivity, then you should perform regular maintenance. This would help you to mitigate future problems related to WiFi connectivity.

You should:

  • Update the firmware regularly
  • Place your router in a position from where the camera should get uninterrupted WiFi coverage.
  • Try to reduce the interference of signals around the camera
  • Routinely analyze the WiFI strength
  • Try to restart your Wyze camera after a certain time to refresh the system
  • Keep the Wyze app updated and the settings checked

Going through these things might reduce the chance of any WiFi connectivity issues.


How do I find out how strong my WiFi signal is?

The strength of the WiFi signal may be measured by:

  • Using a tablet or smartphone app that analyzes WiFi signals.
  • Examining the signal strength settings on your smartphone under the network tab.
  • Check the Wyze app’s signal indicator to see if your camera is configured.
  • Physically approaching the router to evaluate any increases in signal strength.

Can other electronic devices interfere with my Wyze camera’s WiFi connection?

Absolutely, electrical appliances such as microwaves, Bluetooth devices, and cordless phones may interfere with the WiFi signal of your Wyze camera.

Can I use a mobile hotspot for my Wyze camera if I don’t have access to a traditional WiFi network?

If you lack accessibility to a conventional WiFi network, you can utilize a mobile hotspot to connect to your Wyze camera.


In this smart realm, surveilling your important places with wireless cameras is also a smart choice. Then, choosing a Wyze camera for this is another smart choice. But it gets operated over WiFi networks, and it is very common to face WiFi connectivity problems with it. However, that is not the end. In this guide, we’ve discussed why your Wyze camera won’t connect to WiFi and some maintenance procedures that might reduce the chance of facing so. We hope that your places remain safer than at other times with the Wyze security cameras.

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