How to Take Age Restriction off YouTube on iPhone

How to Take Age Restriction off YouTube on iPhone

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms for a large number of viewers of different ages, gender, and ethnicities. Here you will get different types of content like funny, educative, entertaining, and others. But all videos are not suitable and recommended for young stars. 


Based on this facet, YouTube follows Age Restriction policies to keep it a kid-friendly mode. On the other hand, this feature is a bit disturbing for mature audiences. It is also an obstacle for content creators. In this situation, turning off the age restriction setting on your YouTube channel is the wisest course of action. 


But do you know what the process is?  Yes! In today’s discussion, we will discuss how to take age restriction off YouTube on iPhone without any hassle (The fastest and easiest way). 

After reading this discussion, hopefully, you can solve this issue yourself. Now, let’s get started:

How to Take Age Restriction off YouTube on iPhone as a watcher | Best 2 Ways

YouTube mainly shortage its viewer based on two age categories, below 18 and above 18. That means you have to go through the youtube age verification process as a viewer. 

That’s why if you want to enjoy all categories of video, you can imply the following two processes: 

  • Bypass the YouTube age restriction by changing the birthday
  • Turn off restricted mode on YouTube

Let’s examine the two methods more closely and go into greater depth about them: 

Method 1: Bypass the YouTube age restriction by changing your birthday:

This process is the most effective and permanent way. You will face a YouTube restriction if your account age is below 18. So, you need to change your birthday to increase your age over 18. 

Here’s how to change your birthday to bypass YouTube’s Age restrictions:

  • Start by logging into your Google account.
  • Now scroll to the left area and click on the personal Info icon
  • After that, click on Birthday and change your age to or over 18. 
  • Now, tap Save to save your changes. 

It will indicate that you are now above 18 and are permitted to watch all types of videos. The whole procedure should just take 3 to 5 minutes.

Method 2: Turn off the Restricted Mode on YouTube:

Another option is turning off the restricted mode. This is also an effective and permanent way to remove the age restriction feature. Here we’ve shared how to turn off YouTube Restricted Mode from the YouTube app.

Simply adhere to the following step-by-step instructions: 

  • Turn on your iPhone and open your YouTube app
  • After that, scroll into the profile section (top-right side)
  • Now, go to Settings > General 
  • Here you will get the Restricted Mode icon (which is turned ON)
  • Press the switch and disable the Restricted Mode

How to Take Age Restriction off YouTube on iPhone as a content maker

Restricting any videos based on the age issue is a common thing among the content creator. If you face it but do not think it should be, you can make an appeal for changing it. 

In this case, the YouTube authority may review your appeal (if required). Moreover, you must keep in mind that, for an individual video, you cannot make any application for more than one term. 

However, let’s see the following steps:

  • Turn on the YouTube Studio 
  • Sign in to your account
  • Now, go over to Content 
  • In this stage, tap on the Appeals Link option next to your age-restricted video

Apart from this application process, you should also know why your videos can get restricted. In this context, we will also discuss this issue and share with you some ideas on how you can avoid it. 

Why is my YouTube video age restricted?

Some of your content may be not recommended or suitable for the audience under 18. Except for this point, if you do not violate any policies, the YouTube authority will mark this video as age-restriction content. Based on their policy, they will inform it through the videos’ description, live, stream, or on the custom thumbnails.

Usually, for a couple of reasons, your content will restrict by YouTube Authorities. Here we share all the pointed factors:

Children safety: 

YouTube Team is strongly concerned about the child safety issue. Based on this fact, the following types of content will mark as Age-restricted videos. 

  • Some content is only destined for a mature audience. These types of videos are not recommended for people under 18. 
  • Doing any experiment with explosives (Children may imitate that lead to severe injuries) also falls in the Age-restriction category

Harmful and horrific activities: 

Videos of fake harmful pranks that the viewers cannot differentiate from a fake can cause more harm. Also, videos that promote cannabis consumption or a cannabis dispensary can be harmful.  

Contents that promote nudity or sexual activities:

Here are some of the kinds of videos that might be age-restricted because they contain nudity or sexual acts: 

  • Provocative videos that invite sexual activity.
  • A video in which the subject strikes a sexually suggestive position for the audience.
  • A video featuring a subject wearing what is deemed inappropriate for public settings.

Content that is violent and graphic

Here are some examples of videos that might be considered too graphic and violent and be restricted: 

  • Video showing brutal injuries or accident victims.
  • Movies, shows, and video game videos show gory and violent scenes that might be too horrific.


Your videos will mark as Age-restriction for the following types of vulgarity:

  • Contents that mainly focus on profanities 
  • Vulgar title or thumbnail 

Note: Some contents (severe level of vulgar images, drugs trade, hate speech, violence, etc.) are even not recommendable and acceptable for all types of audiences.

In this case, the YouTube team will give an initial warning. Still, if you violate their policies, they may ban your account permanently.

Initial Takeaways:

In this article, we overall discuss how to take age restriction off YouTube on iPhone. We mainly focus on two methods to solve these issues from the viewer’s perspective. Both of these mentioned processes are simple and effective for this purpose. 

We also share the tricks on how to resolve this issue. Moreover, we discussed the reasons behind the redistricted videos and the process of appeal. We also provide an idea of what types of content are inappropriate for everyone and why you should avoid them. 

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