How to Split Screen on iPhone – A Complete Guide

How to Split Screen on iPhone – A Complete Guide

If you have recently discovered that the iPhone has a split screen feature and are trying to figure out how you can access this feature, this guide is just for you. We will let you know how to split screen on iPhone with detailed steps for your convenience. 


Splitting the screen on your iPhone is a great feature for multitasking on your iPhone. This amazing feature allows you to use more than one app at a time without any inconvenience. Using the iPhone dual screen makes the experience more enjoyable and your job easier. For example, you can watch something on Youtube and, at the same time, live tweet it on Twitter by using the iPhone split screen.


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You might not be able to access this feature straight away because Apple does not provide clear instructions that allow the user to use it freely. But don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly how to split screen on an iPhone.

iPhone models that support Split Screen Mode

Unfortunately, the iOS split screen mode is not available in all Apple products. Only some selected iPhone models support the iPhone split screen mode. This is because there is no official split screen mode on the iPhone, especially the older or the classic versions of the iPhones.

The corresponding classic mode to split screen on iPhone depends on the iPhone model you are using currently. Only the recent models support the iPhone double screen. 

  • Every iPhone model that is the Pro, Plus, or Max after the iPhone 6 supports iOS split screen.
  • The iPhone 6s Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, Xs Max, 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Pro Max supports split screen.
  • The old classic models such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone 9 do not support the dual screen iPhone.

How to split screen on iPhone

Suppose you are wondering how to have two apps open on your iPhone simultaneously and have a higher-end iPhone like the ones we mentioned above. In that case, you can directly access this feature from your iPhone itself. You can find the option to turn the split view on iPhone from your phone menu and get the feature to work. 

The dual screen feature on iPhone is basically a so-called jailbreak that only shows you additional information about your iOS. It is the stripped-down version of the iPhone split screen mode and is hidden deep inside your iOS menu.

Here is how to use two apps at once on iPhone by splitting the screen:

Image: Steps on how to split screen on iPhone and use two apps at once

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Select Display & Brightness.
  • Tap on Display.
  • Select Zoom.
  • Choose Set.
  • Finally, tap on Use Zoom.

You may get the split view on your iPhone by following these instructions. To activate the iPhone double screen, simply turn the iPhone into a horizontal or crosswire position when you open the app. The iPhone will automatically switch to the dual screen iPhone mode. While in this mode, you can also see all your notifications.

Activating the split screen mode makes multitasking on the iPhone way easier. For instance, you can keep using the app you need while checking messages, using a calculator, etc.

How to split screen on iPhone using third-party apps

You should remember that the split screen method discussed previously is only available in certain iPhone models. For the best experience and navigation of the iPhone dual screen, it is better to pay for good third-party screen splitting apps. 

In the App Store, many apps are designed to split screen on the iPhone and give you the full benefits of splitting your screen and multitasking on your iPhone. Some of the apps perfect for this job are-

  1. WebDuo Pro
  2. SplitNet
  3. Split Screen View
  4. Split Web Browser

These apps have different compatibility depending on the iOS version of your iPhone so choose one that fulfills your requirements and is perfectly compatible.  

WebDuo Pro

If you want to browse two websites simultaneously on your iPhone, WebDuo Pro is the best option for you to choose. WebDuo Pro is the only iOS app that allows you to view two websites side by side. However, the functions of this app do not extend to other apps. 

For instance, you can split screen Safari on an iPhone. Still, you can’t do the same while using any other apps such as Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Twitter, or Instagram. WebDuo Pro only lets you use the iPhone double screen when you are browsing Safari or Chrome. 

This incredible app is not for free. You can get it from the app store for only $5.99. The app also needs an iOS of 9.0 or higher for it to be compatible with your iPhone. Once bought, up to six members of your family can use the app through Family Sharing.


Another app for you to split screen on iPhone is SplitNet. It is a pretty good app for getting a dual screen on an iPhone as it allows you to choose which kind of content you want to view in the dual screen mode. There is no restriction of it being only a browser or an app. You are free to split view anything on your iPhone with the help of this app.

SplitNet has both a free and a paid version available in the app store. The app’s design and user interface is pretty old-fashioned so some might find it a dealbreaker. However, the paid version provides some extra benefits in the user experience. 

SplitNet will require an iOS of 11.2 or later to be able to create an iPhone split screen. Otherwise, the app will not be compatible with your model of iPhone.

Split Screen View

Split Screen View app is one of the best screen splitting apps out there in the Apple app store. It is free to install for anyone and very user-friendly. You can split the screen on the iPhone with this app, no matter the content. This app allows both web browsers and apps to be viewed on the iPhone dual screen.

Initially, the app is free, but you can pay to get certain benefits from the app. You can make the Split View Subscription for $9.99 and the Multitask Dual Premium for $24.99. The full pack of the app is also available for just $21.99. These subscriptions ensure an ad-free experience. There is a 3-day trial for subscription and auto-renewal option within 24 hours of the ending of the subscription.

You will need an iOS of 14.0 or later for this app. Your family can use the app through Family Sharing as well.

Split Web Browser

Split Web Browser is another good iPhone double-screen app that is very similar to the WebDuo Pro app. The only difference between them is that this app is free, unlike the WebDuo Pro app, for which you have to pay $5.99. Split Web Browser also allows you to view two websites side by side but does not do the same in the case of two apps.

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If you need to keep multiple tabs open and have to switch back and forth between Safari and Chrome, Split Web Browser is perfect for iPhone split screen in such circumstances. You can browse up to 9 pages on one screen while using this app. It undeniably makes your work a lot easier.

Split Web Browser requires iOS 8.0 or later to be compatible with your iPhone. This app supports both full-screen and incognito modes. It is pretty fast in navigation as well. The best part is that the app is absolutely free of charge and completely ad-free. 

iPhone split screen multitasking feature

With people relying on their phones at present for everything, the multitasking feature on the iPhone has become quite mandatory. You might be watching a video and using other apps simultaneously to save time. This feature even enables you to FaceTime (video calling) while using other apps. 

Multitasking on an iPhone saves a lot of your time by eliminating switches between multiple apps or browsers. You will be able to read and note down something at the same time on your screen by opening the multi window on your iPhone.

Here’s how to multitask on iPhone:

Suppose you are watching a video or doing Facetime with someone. Tap the Picture in Picture icon. This will take your video to one corner of the screen and leave the rest of the screen for you to use another app freely. While using the video multi window on iPhone,

  • You can resize the window by pinching the screen.
  • You can drag the video window to whatever place you want on your screen.
  • If you drag the video to the edge of the left or right side, you can hide the video window as well.
  • Tapping on the video window will allow you to show or hide the video controls.
  • You can return to the full-screen video by tapping the Full Screen icon.
  • You can close the video entirely by tapping on the Close icon.


If you were one of those individuals who kept wondering, “can you split screen on iPhone?” we hope you already got your answer. Yes, you can, and in this guide, we have included the different methods of how to split screen on iPhone. You will need to go through all of them to choose the best service for yourself. 

If you are using a high-end latest model of iPhone, then using the direct Apple method to split the screen on iPhone will be viable. However, this could be risky and create security issues for your iPhone. In that case, consider the best compatible third-party app for you and subscribe to it right away. Now you can enjoy the dual screen of the iPhone and view multiple windows at the same time. You can also check out other blogs – How to Freeze Location on Find My iPhone and How to Change Battery Color on iPhone.

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