How to Connect Beats to iPhone – Detailed Guide

How to Connect Beats to iPhone – Detailed Guide

When it comes to personal listening devices, Beats by Dre is a top audio brand. It is now owned by Apple and has gained a reputation for producing high-quality headphones and earbuds. Whether it’s an Android or an iPhone user, Beats has been loved by all due to its amazing audio experience. Beats offer several great quality wired and wireless headphones, earphones, and earbuds for all kinds of users.


You can easily connect to wired headphones such as urBeats earphones, Beats EP headphones, and Beats Pro noise-isolating headphones. For the wireless device options that Beats provides, you will need to approach a different method to connect Beats to iPhone or iPad.


In this article, we have followed through with the Beats Studio Buds instructions and put together a full guide on using any Beats device. Everything from how to pair Beats wireless devices to how to connect Beats to an iPhone is covered in this guide.

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How to put your Beats in the pairing mode

If you have a Beats wired product, all you have to do is use the accompanying audio cable (3.5mm) to connect it to your iPhone. You can also use a lightning cable for this. The wired products in question could be your Beats earphones, Beats EP headphones, or Beats Pro noise-isolating headphones.

Only the wireless headphones and earbuds need to be put in the pairing mode. Beats Solo Pro, Beats Studio3 Wireless, and Beats Solo3 wireless headphones are some of the well-known headphones in this list. Additionally, the popular Beats earbuds options Beats Flex, PowerBeats, and BeatsX earbuds also need to be in pairing mode before connection.

Beats Studio Buds pairing requires the device to be up-to-date and connected to Bluetooth. So, make sure to keep the iPhone or iPad you use up to date by regularly updating the operating systems of the devices. Ensure that the device also has Bluetooth connectivity options in order to make Beats discoverable.

Method 1: Pairing Beats Wireless Headphones

The instructions below depict how to put Beats wireless headphones in pairing mode instantly.

  1. Firstly, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone. For this, start the Settings app, then go to Bluetooth and turn on the toggle button beside the Bluetooth option.
  2. Another way you can turn the Bluetooth on is to swipe down the top right edge of your iPhone. On the Control Center, tap on the Bluetooth icon. When it turns blue, it means Bluetooth is on.
  3. On some models, such as the Beats Solo Pro, simply unfolding the headphones will power them on.
  4. For other models, press the power button on the headphones to turn it on.
  5. Place the Beats headphones within 2 inches of your iPhone. Make sure the device is unlocked.
  6. A notification will appear asking for your permission to pair the headphones with your iPhone. Accept the request in order to pair the Beats headphones successfully.
  7. Take this additional step if there is a connection issue and no notification appears on your device. Press the power button for 1-5 seconds. Once you see the indicator light flash, it means the pairing is successful.

Method 2: Pairing Beats Wireless Earbuds

You might be wondering how to put or turn on Beats Studio Buds in pairing mode since they don’t have the power button as the headphones. The Beats Studio Buds controls work differently as they need the charging case that comes with the earbuds for the pairing process.

The instructions below depict how to pair Beats wireless earbuds or Studio Buds easily using the charging case.

  1. Firstly, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone. For this, start the Settings app, then go to Bluetooth and turn on the toggle button beside the Bluetooth option.
  2. Another way you can turn the Bluetooth on is to swipe down the top right edge of your iPhone. On the Control Centre, tap on the Bluetooth icon. When it turns blue, it means Bluetooth is on.
  3. Place the earbuds securely in their appropriate place in the charging case and keep them in those slots for the entire process.
  4. Keep the charging case closer to the iPhone or iPad and wait for the indication.
  5. A notification will appear on your device screen asking for permission to pair the earbuds to the device. Accept the request in order to pair the Beats earbuds or Studio Buds successfully.
  6. Find the system button on the charging case in case you receive no notifications. Press and hold the button until an LED flashes, indicating a successful pairing.

How to connect Beats to iPhone – Step-by-Step process

Connecting Beats headphones or earbuds to the iPhone are a simple job once you have successfully paired them to the device. Your specific Apple device will automatically detect the paired headphones or Studio Buds whenever they’re nearby. You will find them under the My Devices section of the iPhone in the Bluetooth menu.

For the over-ear headphones, you will find the power button under the right earphone and on the cable. On the other hand, the Beats earbuds’ power button will be located on the left earpiece. The first step in knowing how to connect wireless Beats to an iPhone is locating the power buttons on your specific model of audio accessory.

Here is how to connect Beats studio earbuds or earphones to iPhone or iPad:

  1. Firstly, locate the power button as instructed above and press it to turn the headphones on.
  2. To indicate the headphones are in pairing mode, they will flash on and off every time you turn them on.
  3. In case the flash doesn’t come, there is a chance that it is connected to another device.
  4. Make sure any Bluetooth device in the surrounding area is turned off before trying again.
  5. Now enter pairing mode by continuing to press down the power button for a few seconds.
  6. Ensure that the Bluetooth on your device (iPhone or iPad) is turned on to discover the headphones.
  7. A picture indicator of your Beats headphone or earbuds will appear on your device.
  8. Press Connect under the picture, and the two devices will be connected.
  9. If the headphones or earbuds have already been paired, you can select their name from the My Devices list to connect.

Once the devices are successfully connected, you can see it under the Bluetooth section. The next time, the headphones will automatically connect to your iPhone if the Bluetooth is on.

Additionally, if you want to connect the headphones to two separate Apple devices, you must repeat the whole process for that device. You will also have to keep the Bluetooth off on one device while using it on another one in the same vicinity. 

Reasons For Beats Not Connecting to iPhone & How To Fix It

As mentioned above, the Beats headphones or earbuds should automatically connect to your iPhone if the Bluetooth is on. Once paired, the headphone name always stays under the list of Bluetooth devices unless manually removed. So, if you face issues where you can’t find the name of the headphones in that list, the Beats won’t connect to Bluetooth.

Now, are you wondering, ‘Why won’t my Beats connect to my iPhone?‘ and worrying over it? We’re here to calm your worries, as Beats not showing up on Bluetooth or not connecting is a fairly common occurrence among Apple users. There could only be a few possible causes for wireless Beats headphones or earbuds not pairing to iPhone. Apple has given troubleshooting directions for each of them accordingly.

Below, we’ve provided a list of every possible causes for Beats not connecting to iPhone and ways to overcome the issues.

1.    The Beats Are Not Adequately Charged

First and foremost, keep in mind while using wireless earphones is remembering to charge them. If the Beats headphones run out of charge, they will stop appearing on the list of available devices under your Bluetooth section. They will quite literally be impossible to connect or use without any charge.

So, make sure to charge the headphones with the provided wire or the earbuds with their charging case fully. Then try the connection process once again with a full charge and see if it works this time.

2.    The Device and Beats Are Placed Too Far

The ideal distance between your Beats and your Apple device should be as close as possible. Usually, they work within the normal Bluetooth range, which is 30 feet. However, while pairing, it is best to place them just beside each other.

So, another reason could be that the Beats are placed too far away from the device. In this case, place them side by side and try connecting again.

3.    Too Many Bluetooth Devices

If you are someone who owns multiple Apple devices, you might wanna check the other devices for Bluetooth connection. It is very likely for the Beats to accidentally pair with another device if multiple Bluetooths are turned on at the same time.

Therefore, keep the Bluetooth of other unwanted devices off in the meantime while trying to connect the Beats to a specific device.

4.     Sound Settings Issue

To ensure that every order of the connection is okay, you can check the Sound Settings on your device. For this, head over to Settings on your iPhone and then choose Music. Then you’ll find the Sound Check option from the bottom of the menu. Make sure to keep this toggle switch on. This will ensure your device detects the Beats and pairs with it.

Sometimes, the Beats are connected, but you won’t be able to tell due to the volume being turned down all the way. So. turn the volume up on your device as well.

5.    Enter Pairing Mode on Your Beats

If you forget the very first step of connecting the Beats to your device, obviously, the process won’t work. Make sure to always enter the pairing mode on your Beats first before trying to connect them. In order to enter pairing mode successfully, follow the instructions we have mentioned above. Go through the separate methods according to your choice of model, being headphones or earbuds.

6.    Reset The Beats Headphones or Earbuds

If you have gone through all 5 of the mentioned fixes and are still stuck with connecting your Beats, resetting is your last option. In this method, you will need to sever and then reconnect all of the connections effectively.

  1. To reset wired or wireless Beats headphones: Press and hold down both the volume and power buttons at the same time. Wait until you see a flash on the fuel gauge or an LED illuminating to signal the end of the reset.
  2. To reset wireless Beats earbuds or Studio Buds: Keep both of the earbuds in the slot inside their charging case first. Press and hold the system button on top of the charging case. Once the LED starts flashing on top, wait for about 15 seconds until it turns white. The reset will be complete once the LED flashes white.
  3. To reset Solo2 Wireless, Studio Wireless, and Studio Models: Press and hold the power button of these headphones for about 10 seconds until you see the flash turning white. It could have a fuel gauge or LED. If it has LEDs, wait until the white flash turns red. Then repeat the process a second time to make it flash white. Continue this process back and forth three times until the reset is complete.

Following the reset process, you must pair and connect the headphones or earbuds from scratch once more. Your Apple device will forget the headphones on the Bluetooth list after resetting.


This guide concludes with all the possible details a first-time Beats headphones or earbuds user might need. If you just bought a pair of Beats headphones, this guide includes comprehensive instructions on how to set them up. This will undoubtedly make you fluent in how to connect Beats to iPhone once and for all.

Whether it be wired or wireless, a pair of Beats can make your audio experience with your Apple device tremendously better. Beats have always maintained a reliable service with every Apple product up to this day. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pair of Beats right away to enjoy premium quality audio at any moment. If you interested, you can also check out our other blogs :

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