How to Blur out Part of a Picture on iPhone – A Full Guide

How to Blur out Part of a Picture on iPhone – A Full Guide

When it comes to blurring the background of a picture, iPhone gives a pretty satisfactory result. Therefore, in today’s discussion, we are sharing how to blur out part of a picture on iPhone (in the most effective ways).


This way, you can focus on the main object, which will make an excellent visual effect. Furthermore, you can hide anything that you do not want in your photos. 


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The interesting part is you can use different types of native apps that come with several features. On the other hand, we will also discuss some third-party apps.

That’s why after this discussion, you will get a crystal clear idea to blur an image from your iPhone. 

Let’s take a closer look: 

How to blur out part of a picture on an iPhone using the Photos app?

The most common way to blur a picture is using the photos app from your iPhone, but this process has some limitations. 

The first condition is it can blur only the portrait mode image or background. When it comes to blurring the background, you can edit the lighting effects or adjust the portrait mode. Another drawback is this app is not a good option for hiding any parts from the picture. 

Still, this Photo app will be effective if you imply the markup tool from it. Typically, this markup tool will help to censor all the unwanted parts from the image. Apart from blurring an image, you can use it to change text font, edit screenshots, or add a signature to a PDF. 

Steps on how to blur part of a picture on the iPhone with the Markup tool: 

Now examine more closely how to censor the image part on iPhone with the Markup tool. This DIY process will take a couple of minutes to get your desired image. 

Here is the way to go:

  • First of all, turn on your iPhone and go to the Photos app
  • Now, select the photo and click on the Edit option 
  • Click the Markup icon from the top-right corner
  • Rub your fingers on the targeted spot to blur/hide it 
  • Finally, Click on Done and save it to the photo gallery 

How to blur out part of a picture on iPhone with a third-party photo blurring app

Yes! The native apps have many limitations when it comes to blurring a photo from your iPhone. 

However, to make any part of a picture blurry and shiner the targeted object, we will also recommend you consider some third-party apps. 

In this case, Blur Photo Editor is at the top of the list. This premium-grade app precisely identifies the areas and makes an excellent finish. You can use it to blur face, background, and even any other objects from your photo. 

Furthermore, this advanced tool will help to get some amazing effects. The best part is its blurring variation like zoom, mosaic blur, basic blur, pixelate, etc.  Also, you can make crystal and water category blur effects. This app provides about ten watery effects.

Steps on how to blur part of a picture on iPhone using the Blur Photo Editor app:

Now, we will unveil to you how to use this advanced editor app to censor your photos. Follow the step-by-step given process: 

  • Turn on the Blur Photo Editor app
  • Now, select your targeted image to blur 
  • Change the brush size according to your requirements 
  • After that, tap on the brush tool 
  • Rub your finger on the specific area of the image to apply the blurring effects
  • To save your blurred picture, tap on the Download icon.

This way, you can blur the background, text, face, license plate, and any distracting parts from your photo. You can even apply Photo filters.

How to blur the background of a picture on iPhone with the Photos app? 

In this section, we will specifically discuss how to change the background of a portrait mode picture with the photos app. 

Typically, it is a common feature of the iPhone 7 plus that it has a simple and quick approach to censoring the background of a picture. 

However, apart from changing the portrait mode pictures, the photos app has some limitations that we have already mentioned above. 

Steps on how to use Portrait Mode pictures to blur the background on iPhone:

Here is the simple way to change the background of a portrait mode picture:

  • First of all, from your iPhone, turn on the Camera app
  • Go to the menu bar and select the Portrait section
  • Make sure your targeted subject is a minimum of eight feet away from the camera lens 
  • Only focus on the subject 
  • Press the Shutter button 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to blur text in a picture on iPhone?

In this scenario, we advise using the built-in Photos app on your iPhone, which includes a markup tool. It will help to blackout any type of word; even you can make any confidential bits on the image. The best part is it eliminates the requirement of any third-party app.

With the use of a maker, you can precisely censor all the unwanted text from your image. All the processes will take not more than 3 to 5 minutes. 

How to blur a face in a picture on iPhone? 

This premium-grade photo editor is also applicable to blur the face in a photo with a simple tap! With this excellent blur tool, you can make a different number of effects like pixelate, normal, or Hexa pixel.

Just go to the filter icon and tap on your required blurring effect. For more precise output, you can rub on that area or use a marker. 

In the same way, you can also blur the photo background. 

Final Verdict: 

Now, you know how to blur out part of a picture on iPhone. You can do this both with the native or third-party app.  Our overall discussion clarifies that the Photos App is preferable for portrait mode images. On the other hand, our recommended third-party apps are also effective where you are getting more features for blurring. 

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