7 Best Earbuds for Motorcycle Riders in 2023

7 Best Earbuds for Motorcycle Riders in 2023


A huge number of regular motorcycle riders keep looking for a pair of earbuds for motorcycle riders in vain. Many people prefer listening to music or podcasts while they ride their motorcycle to work or for traveling. Some of them also don’t want to miss any important phone calls or meetings in the meantime.


For that, a constant connection accessory is necessary for them, and motorcycle earbuds can perfectly help with that. Some of the noise canceling earbuds also provide a certain level of sound protection from the wind and engine noise. However, this kind of good and competent earbuds for motorcycle helmets is comparatively less common in the market.


Finding a pair of earbuds perfectly suited for riding a motorcycle is not as easy as it sounds. You will need to get comfort, durability, and quality from a pair of the best earbuds for motorcycle riders. But not to worry, because we have put together a list of the best earbuds for riding a motorcycle for your convenience.

Buying guide for the best earbud for motorcycle riders

While creating this list of the best motorcycle earbuds, we needed to consider a handful of important factors. You should also know about these factors before purchasing your earbuds, as these determine how good your experience with them will be.

You can’t overlook your comfort or the sound quality during this purchase, as it’s a pretty expensive item. Only surely get the motorcycle earphones that will fulfill all your needs during the ride. The necessary factors that you should consider are-

Sound quality

Needless to say, no matter which earbuds you end up buying, you can’t compromise with the sound quality at all. In order to be the best earbuds for motorcycle riders, the sound quality provided by them needs to be clear and crisp.

Without a clear audio output, you won’t be able to enjoy any kind of music during the ride. Moreover, if you’re on a call and the sound quality of your earbuds is poor, you can’t listen to the other party clearly. As a result, it completely defeats your purpose of getting the earbuds to stay on important calls.

Therefore, first and foremost, ensure that the sound quality of your chosen earbuds is extremely good and static-free.

Battery life

A long battery life is a must for any electronic device you use while you’re on the road. The same goes for the wireless earbuds for motorcycles. The wired headphones save you the headache of wondering about their battery life, but the Bluetooth earbuds need to have a long battery life.

Without a long battery life, the earbuds will run out of charge in the middle of a motorcycle ride abruptly. This will leave you at a huge disadvantage if you’ve been expecting important calls. On top of that, every time you go on rides, it might not become possible to wait and charge the earbuds for a long time. So, it should also have a fast charging function.

Usually, all the best wireless earbuds for motorcycles run for a total of 12-14 hours on a single charge. This is the average lifespan of most of these earbuds. However, some of the very heavy-duty earbuds can surprisingly run 50-60 hours on a single charge. These are very expensive earbuds.


The durability of the earbuds is what makes a pair of earbuds the most suitable for use on the road while riding a motorcycle. These earbuds have to withstand a huge force of wind, unpredictable weather, and continuous vibrations. So, the earbuds need to be made of hard, durable materials and have good IP ratings.

Durable Material: check the materials of the earbuds to ensure they can handle any amount of vibrations. The earbuds should also withstand strong forces of wind pressure while riding. Hence, the casing of the motorcycle headphones should be of PC-ABS materials. If it is a wired headphone, the wires should be Kevlar reinforced.

Higher IP Rating: The more water-resistant the earbuds are, the better they will perform during the rides. Make sure the earbuds have a minimum IPX4 rating for water resistance. This way, sudden rains or sweating won’t affect the earbuds negatively.

Connectivity features

The best earbuds for motorcycles should have amazing Bluetooth connection ability. Apart from that, several hands-free features really help control the earbuds while riding your motorcycle.

It is better to go for the earbuds with a voice assistant integration, which allows you to take and handle calls by using voice commands. This way, you won’t need to reach into your pocket every time to manually control the device.

Along with these, a highly receptive microphone is really important when it comes to earphones for motorcycles. A microphone with a mesh covering is even better for these kinds of earbuds. It reduces the mic from picking up the unnecessary wind noise from the surroundings.

Noise Reduction

Motorcycles can make noises that get up to 115dB and up. This loud noise can easily get in the way of your communication or music playing in your earbuds. So, having noise reduction or cancellation in the earbuds would be a good choice for this situation.

However, noise canceling earbuds can also block out the traffic noise around you. During driving, it is necessary to pay attention to the traffic noises. So, turn up the active noise cancellation of your earbuds to low so that you can still hear the traffic somewhat for safety.

List of the best earbuds for motorcycle

Now, you are here to know what are the best earbuds for motorcycle riding. Below are 7 of the best earbuds for motorcycle rides for you to choose from based on your preferences.

  1. Soundcore Liberty 4 NC by Anker
  2. Jabra Elite 8 Active True Wireless Earbuds
  3. Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 Earbuds
  4. Sony WF-1000XM4
  5. JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset
  6. PocBuds T60
  7. Elgin Ruckus Wireless Bluetooth Earplug Headphones

1. Soundcore Liberty 4 NC by Anker

Soundcore Liberty 4 NC by Anker

In the search for the best wireless earbuds for motorcycle helmets, Soundcore Liberty 4 is a prominent name. These earbuds are more famous for their 2.0 active noise cancellation. This advanced feature adjusts to the surrounding noise and your ear canals to provide maximum noise reduction.

There are adaptive and manual noise cancellation modes for you to switch accordingly, along with a transparency mode. This incredible feature has won over the users with its 98.5% noise reduction ability while riding a motorcycle.

All the while, these earbuds don’t compromise with the sound quality at all. The 11 mm drivers and Hi-Res certified LDAC technology provide 3x more clear and detailed sound quality at all times. There are also 6 beamforming microphones built into these earbuds, which amplifies your voice clearly. An AI algorithm also plays a part in not picking up the background noises.

You can use HearID 2.0 in order to customize your sound profile. There are 22 available presets and EQ for you to mix with. To save the earbuds from rain or sweat, it has an IP rating of IPX4.

Amazingly, you can get up to 50 hours of playtime with the charging case on these earbuds. Without the case charging, enjoy ten long hours of music and entertainment on these earbuds uninterruptedly. All these features chalk these earbuds up to be the best motorcycle Bluetooth earbuds in the market currently.


  • Adaptive active noise cancellation 2.0 is present
  • Customizable sound profile.
  • Mixing EQ and using presets available
  • 6 beamforming mics for clear audio input
  • 3x clear audio quality
  • Simple connection process
  • IPX4 water resistant
  • Fast, wireless, and long-lasting charging privileges


  • The noise cancellation can drown out important traffic signals, too.

2. Jabra Elite 8 Active True Wireless Earbuds

Jabra Elite 8 Active

We have picked the Jabra Elite 8 Active True Wireless Earbuds as the 2nd best Bluetooth earbuds for motorcycle helmets. Their build is a bit heavier than the previous earbuds, but the sound quality is still excellent. You get to experience a high-quality spatial sound which is powered by Dolby. This ensures lifelike, clear sounds from every single angle.

The earbuds are made of Jabra Shakegrip technology with high-friction silicone. Therefore, it provides a durable and secure in-ear fit. No number of vibrations can displace the earbuds from your ear. It has also received US military recognition by standard testing.

They are also waterproof with their 1.5m/4.9ft of water protection, so it is perfect for use in rain or summer. Among all the earphones for motorcycle helmets, Jabra Elite 8 has been proven to be the toughest one so far.

Jabra Elite 8 features Hybrid Adaptive noise cancellation technology, which is 1.6x stronger than the standard ANC. Their one-earbud mode and HearThrough transparency technology make them an excellent option for riders who prioritize safety. Additionally, you can also adjust the noise cancellation to filter sounds at higher or lower frequencies.

The battery life of these earbuds is a little lower than our first-place winner Soundcore Liberty 4. Jabra Elite 8 can run for 8 hours on a single charge. With the casing, you can get up to 32 hours of audio at a time.

By using the Jabra Sound+ app, users can further customize the Bluetooth earbuds for motorcycle helmets. Through this app, you have nearly complete control over them, including adjustments to the voice assistant, equalization, and settings.


  • Extremely durable
  • Shakegrip technology for withstanding vibrations
  • Hybrid adaptive noise cancellation technology
  • Dustproof, sweatproof, and water-resistant
  • Dolby controlled spatial sound quality


  • The durable ear tips might feel uncomfortable for people with smaller ears.

3. Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 Earbuds

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 Earbuds

The next recommended motorcycle noise cancelling earbuds on our list is Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 Earbuds. These earbuds are equipped with the highest resolution audio possible. The TrueResponse transducer and aptX Adaptive features combine to provide superior sound in every situation.

With Active Noise Cancelling and Transparent Hearing features, you can control the external sounds. You can choose whether to block out external sounds completely or partially via these features. Thus, you’ll be able to manage the surroundings and enjoy immersive music without interruptions.

These Sennheiser earbuds provide enhanced audio quality with already available presets. It has an integrated equalizer, which includes Bass Boost and Sound Personalization for custom audio. It can be controlled by the Sound Control app easily at any time.

The earbuds have three advanced noise cancelling microphones on each earbud for clear audio input. It ensures that the people on the other side only hear you and not your surroundings. The battery life on a single charge is 7 hours, and with the case charge, 28 hours in total. You can use the QI wireless charging support for charging the case or the earbuds.

In order to provide a perfect fit and outstanding wearing comfort, these small and ergonomic earbuds include ear adapters and optional silicone fins in a variety of sizes.


  • Great sound quality
  • TrueResponse transducer and aptX Adaptive provides immersive audio
  • Sound personalization is possible
  • Presets and EQ available
  • Variations of sizes available when it comes to the ear tips
  • 3 integrated mic with voice pickup technology


  • The build is slightly bulky.

4. Sony WF-1000XM4

Sony WF-1000XM4

Sony WF-1000XM4 is a must mention when talking about the best earbuds for riding a motorcycle. Their special 6mm drivers generate a dramatic sound, and the high compliance diaphragm reproduces a deep bass range.

In addition to that, the Integrated Processor V1 allows for DSEE Extreme and LDAC codec processing. All these advanced features improve sound quality, provide high-resolution audio, and lower distortion.

Sony-developed Integrated Processor V1, which is capable of canceling out more noise than before. Automatic Wind Noise Reduction mode minimizes the wind noise in the surroundings. Sony Noise Isolation Earbud Tips provide a more secure fit in your ears.

The WF-1000XM4 headphones have precise speech pickup technology, which allows the other end to hear crystal-clear audio. The earbuds have built-in beamforming microphones and a bone-conduction sensor with which you can make hands-free calls from anywhere. This feature makes it one of the best earbuds for helmets.

The battery life of Sony WF-1000XM4 is a full 24 hours with a casing charge. If you leave home without the case, then you can use it for up to 8 hours nonstop. No worries while dealing with water splashes or sweats, as it has IPX4 water resistance, too.


  • Low-distortion and high-resolution audio
  • Speech pickup technology with beamforming mics present
  • Make hands-free calls with a bone conduction sensor
  • Automatic noise reduction mode available
  • Water-resistant
  • Supports Qi wireless charging


  • Automatic wind noise reduction mode doesn’t work in low wind.

5. JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset is a specifically designed motorcycle helmet earbuds. It was mainly made to comfortably use inside your bike helmet seamlessly. These headsets use nano-coating technology in their build, which makes them waterproof and dust-resistant.

JZAQ headset provides a clear, high-quality stereo sound to all its users. The volume is loud enough to overcome the surrounding traffic noise as it was made keeping that in mind. It adopts a high-quality Bluetooth scheme and CSR chip, which can play music stably.

The DSP noise canceling technology makes the strong wind noises ignorable. This headset is compatible with pretty much all the devices and helmets. So you won’t need to worry about the connectivity features. It was designed with detachable velcro. You can fit inside your helmet firmly for the foreseeable future with ease.

The long battery life also makes these a pair of prominent earbuds for helmets. You can use this headset without charging for 60 hours. As a result, it is perfect for outdoor activities for days. And the charging only takes 2 hours to complete to give you a service of 60 long hours.


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Stereo sound features
  • Loud volume
  • DSP noise cancelling technology
  • Compatible with many devices and helmet designs
  • Longest battery life
  • Dust and waterproof
  • No wind noises
  • Stable connection


  • Some of the packaging is missing the velcro stickers, so users have faced problems installing them.

6. PocBuds T60

PocBuds T60

Another incredible recommendation forlow-profile earbuds for helmets that we have is the PocBuds T60. These buds provide excellent quality audio that sounds better with high-fidelity sound reproduction. This feature accentuates every note and detail of the music or other audio.

These earbuds have 13mm double-layer diaphragm drivers in them. These drivers are the reason it delivers music with sharp treble, crisp mids, and powerful bass. Moreover, the built-in microphones separate your voice from background noise. As a result, they guarantee excellent call quality no matter where you are.

With only one button, you can easily answer calls, manage your music, and change the volume on the PocBuds. It is designed with soft and flexible ear hooks to snugly fit inside your ears. There are 3 extra ear tips for better adjustment along with the packaging. PocBuds T60 are perfect for sports and riding bikes as they are IPX7 rated, which means they are highly water and sweat-resistant.

Bluetooth 5.3 guarantees a steady, robust connection up to 30 feet away from the associated device. With a significant increase in transmission speed, the audio output will have less delay. The wireless earbuds have two modes:

  • Mono: It lets you listen to music using only the left or right earpiece
  • Binaural: This mode produces stereo surround sound.


  • High-fidelity sound reproduction
  • Autio on/connect feature
  • One button controls every feature
  • No audio delays during calls
  • Comfortable for your ears
  • 80 hours of listening time with the charging case
  • Wide compatibility


  • The button controls can be a bit confusing for some new users.

7. Elgin Ruckus Wireless Bluetooth Earplug Headphones

Elgin Ruckus Wireless Bluetooth Earplug Headphones

Elgin Ruckus Wireless Bluetooth Earplug Headphones are perfect for motorcycle rides as well. It has a cable connecting the two earbuds together. Kevlar strands, the same material used in bulletproof vests and helmets, are employed to strengthen these headphones. The cable undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its outstanding draw strength. So, these are extremely durable.

These headphones have an EPA Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25 decibels. This rating meets the OSHA and ANSI workplace standards. The buds are made of hypoallergenic silicone ear tips. All skin types are guaranteed to experience no skin irritation thanks to these biocompatible USP Class V medical silicone.

Anthropometric scaling was used by Elgin engineers to assess user fit and size. Additionally, they load-tested these silicone earplug tips to guarantee dependable functioning. They have a Bluetooth range of up to 50 feet, functioning with Bluetooth 5.3.

Elgin headphones are rated IP65 and are internationally certified as very sweat and waterproof. This feature makes it even more perfect as an earphone for motorcycle rides. It can run up to 12 hours on a single charge.


  • OSHA Compliant Hearing Protection
  • ANSI tested the EPA Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)
  • Hypoallergenic silicone eartips
  • IP65-rated and water-resistant
  • Bulletproof Kevlar wirings
  • Durable storage
  • HD Memory Foam Ear Tips


  • There are no size options for the ear tips.

Comparison Table for the best earbuds for motorcycle riders

Here is a table consisting of the prominent features these earbuds have to offer to sum up the whole review guide. You can take a look through this table to quickly differentiate between the 7 options.

Earbuds NameNoise isolationWater resistanceBattery lifeConnectivity type
Soundcore Liberty 4 NC by AnkerNoise cancelling 2.0IPX47 hours on a single charge, 28 hours with casingBluetooth 5.3
Jabra Elite 8 Active True Wireless Earbuds  Hybrid noise cancellingIPX48 hours in one charge, 32 hours with the charging casein-ear
Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 Earbuds  Active noise cancellingIPX47 hours on a single charge, 28 hours with the caseWireless
Sony WF-1000XM4Automatic noise cancellationIPX48 hours on a single charge, 80 hours with charging caseWireless in-ear
JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth HeadsetDSP noise cancellingIPX760 hoursOn-ear wireless headset
PocBuds T60Active noise cancellingIPX78 hours on a single charge, 80 hours with a charging caseWireless over-ear
Elgin Ruckus Wireless Bluetooth Earplug HeadphonesANSI tested the EPA Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)IP6512 hoursEar-plugin buds


As a regular motorcycle rider, this review guide will be immensely helpful for you. You can choose the best earbuds for motorcycle riders, which also fulfill all of your requirements, by studying this guide easily. 

Every one of the recommended earbuds in this guide stands out from the others with its own winning points and distinctive characteristics. Any earbuds from this guide can meet your needs for going on a drive with your motorcycle.

Now, all you have to do is look up their market price. Choose the one that best satisfies both your requirements and your budget. Some of them could be a bit more expensive than the other options. If one exceeds your budget too much, choose the next cheaper option from the list with similar features and enjoy!

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