7 Best 360 Degree Outdoor Security Cameras in 2023

7 Best 360 Degree Outdoor Security Cameras in 2023

360-degree outdoor security cameras provide complete, panoramic video surveillance of an outdoor area. Unlike standard security cameras that only cover a fixed field of view. 360-degree cameras give you eyes in all directions, so you never miss any activity or blind spots.


With the ability to see everything around the camera, outdoor 360 security cameras are perfect for home security and business surveillance.


We are going to see the best 360-degree outdoor security cameras that have been produced in the market yet. Also, we are going to talk about the perfect buying guide and some commonly asked questions.

So, sit tight and enjoy the ride toward the best 360-degree outdoor security camera you are longing for.

What Should You Consider While Buying the Best 360 Degree Outdoor Security Cameras in 2023?

In this buying guide, we’ll cover the key factors to consider when choosing the best 360-degree outdoor security camera. We’ll also recommend the top 360 outdoor cams on the market in 2023 based on features, image quality, reliability, and cost.

Follow through with everything you need to know to pick the ideal 360-camera system. And ensure the safety of your home or business.

Power Source:

Battery Powered


  • Completely wireless and portable. Easy to install anywhere without wiring.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable batteries are available.


  • Require periodic battery changes. Shorter battery life in extreme weather.
  • Higher risk of power failure.

Wired (AC Power)


  • Provides continuous, stable power. No batteries to recharge.
  • Often supports more advanced features.


  • Installation can be complex, requiring wiring. Less flexibility in camera placement.
  • Risk of power outage impact.



  • Renewable energy source. Energy is stored in the onboard battery.
  • No wiring is required.


  • Solar efficiency varies based on weather, climate, and season. Requires full sun exposure.
  • Higher upfront costs.

When weighing these options, consider your specific needs in areas. Such as install complexity, camera location, advanced features, and long-term operating costs. The right power source can provide reliable operation for years to come.

Storage Options:

Local Storage

  • Storage Capacity: SD cards are available in sizes from 32GB up to 1TB or more. Higher capacity cards can store more footage before needing to be overwritten or manually cleared.
  • Expandable Storage: Models with an SD slot allow you to insert a higher-capacity card at any time to increase available storage.

Cloud Storage

  • Subscription Fees: Most battery-operated security cameras with cloud storage require an ongoing subscription fee to access and store video in the cloud. Fees are typically monthly or yearly.
  • Connectivity Requirements: Reliable WiFi connectivity is essential for cloud uploading to consistently work. Cellular options can provide backup but may incur an additional cost.



WiFi cameras need to be within range of your home wireless router. The benefit is you don’t need a separate cellular data plan, but the range may be limited depending on router placement.

WiFi cameras allow access when you’re home via your local network. Remote access requires your home internet connection to be up and a process like port forwarding.

Cellular data

Cellular cameras have a SIM card and cellular modem built-in. This means they can access the internet from any location by using mobile data plans, not just from home WiFi networks.

A key benefit is the ease of remote access from anywhere without needing to set up port forwarding. The downside is paying for an ongoing cellular data plan.


When selecting a 360-degree outdoor security camera, resolution is one of the most important factors to consider. Resolution determines how sharp and detailed your camera footage will be. There are two main resolutions to choose from – 2K and 4K.

2K resolution

It provides 2560 x 1440 pixels. 2K cameras capture excellent image quality during the daytime. Details like faces and license plates will be clearly visible. At night, 2K resolution is sufficient for monitoring areas up to 30 feet away.

4K resolution

It offers 3840 x 2160 pixels, providing ultra-high-definition imaging. 4K cameras deliver the maximum image clarity both day and night. Tiny details like clothing logos will be discernible. 4K resolution enables night vision up to 40-50 feet for identifying people and objects.

Night Vision

Black and White

Most security cameras use infrared LEDs to illuminate the area at night and capture video in black and white. This night vision is more affordable and provides better clarity and range in the dark.


More advanced security cameras use low-light image sensors to capture color video at night without LEDs. However, color night vision has a more limited range compared to black and white. The video can also be grainier.

Night Vision Range

  • The night vision range determines how far the camera can see in the dark. For most outdoor locations, look for a range of at least 30-50 ft. Higher-end cameras may reach up to 150 ft or more.
  • Factors like the number of infrared LEDs and lens quality impact the viewing distance. Check the manufacturer’s specs for the maximum range.

List of the best 360 degree outdoor security cameras

  1. DEKCO 2K Outdoor Security Camera
  2. REOLINK 4K PTZ Outdoor Camera
  3. Eufy S330 Floodlight Cam
  4. REOLINK 4K Wired WiFi Outdoor Camera
  5. ANRAN 2K Solar outdoor Camera
  6. Eufy Security SoloCam S340
  7. Hiseeu 5MP WiFi Security Camera

DEKCO 2K Outdoor Security Camera

DEKCO 2K Outdoor Security Camera

After a thorough investigation and evaluation, the DEKCO 2K Outdoor Security Camera is clearly the best option. Its impressive Smart Motion Tracking function ensures quick and precise object detection with automated tracking capabilities.

A game-changer is the addition of Full-Color Night Vision and Bright Floodlights. A feature that provides crisp visuals even in total darkness. The 360° Viewing Angle and Remote Monitoring features improve overall security by providing thorough coverage without blind spots.

Real-time communication with guests is made possible by the Two-Way Audio & IP66 Weatherproof Certification function. Which also guarantees the camera’s resilience in a variety of weather scenarios.

We really like its 2.4GHz WiFi and storage capabilities, don’t we? It provides safe cloud storage alternatives in addition to local storage via a micro SD card. It’s important to remember that it only supports 2.4GHz WiFi and does not work with 5GHz networks.

In summary, the DEKCO 2K Outdoor Security Camera shines in terms of functionality, use, and customer service. Anyone looking for dependable outdoor security monitoring will find it to be a worthwhile purchase.


  • 2K video resolution
  • 160° wide-angle field of view
  • Weatherproof IP66 rating
  • Simple setup and controls through a smartphone app
  • 360° panoramic view with no blind spots
  • Motion tracking that follows detected activity 
  • Two-way audio for live monitoring and communication
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Local storage on microSD cards up to 128GB


  • Needs a micro SD card for storage (not included)
  • Shorter battery life compared to solar-powered models

REOLINK 4K PTZ Outdoor Camera

REOLINK 4K PTZ Outdoor Camera

The REOLINK 4K PTZ Outdoor Camera allows you to see 4K Ultra HD images with unmatched quality. Its 5X optical zoom capability offers close-ups in great detail and expansive views.

Modern algorithms are used by the camera’s smart recognition. Auto-tracking features to guarantee precise threat identification and automatic tracking of moving subjects.

Its versatile recording capabilities, which included time-lapse videos that captured daily changes, won over customers. The camera can record continuously, on a schedule, or in response to motion. The recordings can be saved onto a microSD card, Reolink NVR, or FTP server (up to 256GB, not included).

The many alarm techniques, such as email alerts, push notifications, two-way communication, built-in sirens, spotlights, and two-way speak, improve security measures.

Furthermore, the camera’s 360° pan and 90° tilt capability concentrate on minute details in nooks and crannies. It’s done by 64 preset spots for thorough monitoring.

REOLINK 4K PTZ’s superior quality, flexible zoom options, and smart detection features make it a top choice. It provides customized security solutions with a range of alert techniques and versatile recording possibilities.

Preset points and a broad pan and tilt range provide thorough surveillance. Purchasing this camera will guarantee excellent, adaptable outdoor security.


  • 4K ultra HD resolution at 20fps
  • 360° horizontal pan and 90° tilt range 
  • Starlight night vision up to 100ft 
  • Smart motion tracking and alerts
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • ONVIF protocol support


  • Requires multiple camera angles for full 360° coverage
  • Pricey compared to standard cameras

Eufy S330 Floodlight Cam

Eufy S330 Floodlight Cam

The 360° Pan and Tilt Camera Coverage efficiently eliminates blind spots. It can capture fine details in recordings as well as live-streaming thanks to its 2K Full HD resolution. By cleverly adjusting brightness, the three tunable light panels in the smart lighting improve security without producing glare.

An extra layer of intelligence is added by the AI Subject Lock and Tracking technology. This guarantees accurate surveillance of individuals. In low light, the strong 3,000-lumen floodlights turn night into day, allowing for detailed, full-color recordings.

Though wiring is necessary for location flexibility, it has all-inclusive coverage and built-in LED floodlights. Also, the free local storage makes it an exceptional option. Its advanced artificial intelligence for human detection and IP65 weather resistance highlight its usefulness.

Beyond its functions, the Eufy S330 Floodlight Cam offers peace of mind. Consider employing a watchful, knowledgeable guardian for your outside areas. What sets this wireless battery-operated security cameraapart is its ability to adapt and respond intelligently.

With its three tunable light panels, the smart lighting adapts to different lighting conditions, which improves security without adding needless glare. The technique of AI Subject Lock and Tracking provides an additional degree of protection.


  • 1080p HD resolution 
  • 140° diagonal field of view
  • 3000-lumen adjustable floodlights
  • Local storage with 16GB microSD card
  • IP65 weather resistance 


  • Requires wiring for placement flexibility
  • Floodlights may be excessive or unwanted for some

REOLINK 4K Wired WiFi Outdoor Camera

REOLINK 4K Wired WiFi Outdoor Camera

This wired Wi-Fi camera’s dual telephoto and 360° wide-angle PT lenses enable its remarkable Auto Tracking and 6X Zoom. This cutting-edge technology improves surveillance by enabling simultaneous close-up views and smooth tracking.

Furthermore, for peace of mind, the Smart Person/Vehicle Alerts & Pet Detection feature guarantees accurate notifications in real-time. Its 355° pan, 90° tilt, and 50 feet of motion tracking support its Ultra-Wide Field of View, which spans wide horizontal and vertical angles during the day and night.

With the aid of integrated spotlights that provide crisp, full-color photographs even in low light the camera’s 8MP Full-Color Day & Night feature produces crisp 4K UHD images.

It has flexible storage options. This enables Reolink NVR, FTP, and microSD cards up to 256GB in size, further its allure. It is important to remember that because it is wired. So, constant power via an adapter is required.

To sum up, this camera provides state-of-the-art features, including accurate motion detection, flexible storage options, and vivid 4K UHD images that can be viewed day or night. You are looking for a wired Wi-Fi camera that offers cutting-edge capabilities and thorough surveillance. This is a great purchase for unmatched security solutions.


  • 8MP Full-Color Day & Night
  • Ultra-Wide Field of View
  • Smart Alerts & Pet Detection
  • 6X Zoom and Auto Tracking
  • Flexible Storage Options


  • Up to 256GB of microSD storage is limited
  • Setup may be complicated
  • Requires a wired connection for constant power

ANRAN 2K Solar outdoor Camera

ANRAN 2K Solar outdoor Camera

No blind areas go unobserved thanks to the superb video quality provided by the 2K Crisp Image & 360° View. By successfully discouraging attackers, the cutting-edge Smart Siren Alarm and Spotlights feature adds an extra degree of security. The hassle-free installation—no wiring, no hassle—is what makes it unique.

It does not require electrical wiring. It’s because it is equipped with solar power and built-in rechargeable batteries that enable continuous functioning. When someone unexpected comes over, the Smart PIR Human Detection technology quickly alerts the user. It also enables real-time communication via a strong 2.4G WiFi connection.

Its Alexa compatibility increases convenience. Furthermore, dependable support and safe data storage are guaranteed by the US-based support and Cloud Service. Even free video replay of the last seven days is possible with the optional cloud service.

In essence, the ANRAN 2K Solar Outdoor Camera is exceptional at offering cutting-edge security features. Also, it offers effortless setup, consistent power supply, and helpful customer service. This camera is a great option if you’re looking for an intelligent, dependable, and simple-to-install outdoor security system. It will give you peace of mind and full property protection.


  • 360° view, 2K crisp image, smart siren alarm, and spotlights
  • Solar-powered operation without wiring
  • Intelligent PIR Human Identification robust 2.4G WiFi connectivity
  • US-Based Cloud Service and Support


  • Cloud video playback is limited to the last seven days
  • Unsuitable for use with 5G WiFi networks
  • Not adjustable spotlight brightness

Eufy Security SoloCam S340

Eufy Security SoloCam S340

With an 8× zoom and incredibly clear 3K quality, every event was filmed in astonishing detail because it doesn’t require regular charging and ensures continuous surveillance.

The solar-powered feature offers continual peace of mind. Its 360° Pan and tilt Surveillance provides thorough house coverage by removing blind areas. The promise of the Effortless Setup and Versatile Installation was fulfilled. Its small size and wire-free construction made installation simple and rapid, taking only a few minutes.

One particularly noteworthy feature is the Local Storage with No Monthly Fee. It only allows for a one-time purchase free from ongoing or surprise fees. Its cost-effective strategy appeals to customers looking for long-term affordability without sacrificing security features.

This 360-rotating security camera provides excellent clarity, a simple setup process, flexible mounting options, and reasonably priced local storage. This product sticks out as a dependable and cost-effective option for individuals. Individuals who seek premium, hassle-free home protection without any additional charges.


  • 360° Pan and Tilt Monitoring
  • Solar-powered operation with 3K resolution and 8x zoom
  • Intelligent PIR Human Detection
  • Minimal Effort Installation


  • Exclusively Local Storage
  • Limited Advanced Features

Hiseeu 5MP WiFi Security Camera

Hiseeu 5MP WiFi Security Camera

With a 360° viewing angle, there are no blind areas, and total surveillance is possible. Because of its IP66 Waterproof and Dustproof construction and premium materials, it can endure severe weather. This makes it perfect for outside monitoring.

Enhancing security, the Two-Way Audio and Remote Control feature facilitates real-time communication with guests. The Color Night Vision and Alarm Siren feature makes sure that you can see clearly even in the dark.

It notifies you right away of any unusual behavior. Sharp daytime and nighttime vision is ensured by the 5MP Ultra HD image quality, which also improves security detail.

This camera is unique because of its Motion Tracking feature. Which tracks and recognizes moving objects automatically and sends out precise alerts.

Furthermore, flawless connectivity and continuous recording are guaranteed by the WIFI Connection and Video Record feature, which supports 2.4G WIFI and offers cloud storage or SD card alternatives.


  • 360° Viewing Angle for All-Around Surveillance
  • 5MP Resolution,
  • Solar-Powered Operation
  • Remote Communication
  • Two-Way Audio Capability
  • Alarm siren and color night vision


  • Fewer Choices for Cloud Storage
  • Potential Changes in Sensitivity Required for Motion Detection

Comparison table for the best 360 degree outdoor security cameras

FeatureDEKCO 2K Outdoor CameraREOLINK 4K PTZ CameraEufy S330 Floodlight CamREOLINK 4K Wired WiFi CameraANRAN 2K Solar CameraEufy SoloCam S340Hiseeu 5MP WiFi Camera
Video Resolution2K4K2K4K2K3K5MP
Pan & Tilt360°360° Pan, 90° Tilt360° Pan, 180° Tilt360° Pan, 90° Tilt360°360° Pan, 360° Tilt360° Pan, 360° Tilt
ZoomNo5X Optical Zoom8X Zoom6X ZoomNo8X ZoomNo
Night VisionFull-Color Night VisionStarlight Night VisionColor Night VisionFull-Color Night VisionSmart PIR Human Detection3,000-lumen FloodlightsColor Night Vision
Power SourceWiredWiredWiredWiredSolarSolarWired
Storage OptionsMicroSD up to 128GBMicroSD, NVR, FTP up to 256GBLocal Storage with 16GB CardMicroSD, NVR, FTP up to 256GBCloud, SD up to 128GBLocal StorageCloud, SD up to 128GB
Comparison table for the best 360 degree security cameras

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FAQs for the best 360 degree outdoor security cameras

Are 360 degree security cameras worth it?

360-degree security cameras provide a comprehensive view of an entire area. This single camera gives you a 360° view, allowing you to observe everything in your vicinity without any missed spots. This wide field of view is extremely useful for monitoring large open spaces indoors or outdoors.

Some key benefits of 360 cameras:

  • Reduces the need for multiple cameras to cover the same area. One 360 camera can replace 3-5 traditional cameras. This saves on hardware costs.
  • See everything all around the camera in real-time. No blind spots mean you don’t miss important activity happening just outside a narrow field of view.
  • Digital pan, tilt, and zoom features allow you to focus on details within the full 360 video after the fact. This digital PTZ mimics the capabilities of a mechanical PTZ camera.
  • Video stitching software built into most 360 cams creates a seamless panoramic view.
  • Flexible mounting, like on a ceiling or high on a wall, provides an optimal vantage point.
  • 265-degree models see almost all around. 180-degree models cover an entire half-circle. So “360” really means wide-angle all-direction coverage.

What are the disadvantages of 360 degree cameras?

The 360-degree cameras can provide a unique immersive viewing experience, but they also come with some drawbacks compared to standard cameras. Here are some of the main disadvantages to consider:

  • Image distortion: The wide-angle lenses used on 360 cameras can cause significant distortion, especially towards the edges of the frame. Straight lines may appear curved, and proportions look inaccurate. This requires editing software to stitch and convert the footage into an equirectangular projection.
  • Lower resolution: In order to capture such a wide field of view, 360-degree camera sensors stretch pixels much further than a normal camera. This results in lower resolution and image quality, especially once converted into a flat equirectangular video. The resolution difference is noticeable when viewing footage up close or on large screens.
  • Large file sizes: Due to the vast amounts of visual data recorded in all directions, 360-video files are larger than standard footage. This takes up more storage space and requires fast internet speeds for sharing and streaming. Compression can reduce sizes but lower quality.
  • Limited compatibility: For 360 footage to be viewed properly, it needs compatibility with special 360-enabled apps or sites. This limits quick sharing options and accessibility for those without specific apps. Some platforms still need to support 360 content.


Overall, 360 degree outdoor security cameras are an excellent choice. It’s for maximizing coverage, minimizing blind spots, and ensuring the highest level of protection for both home and business users. Not having to purchase or install multiple security cameras to achieve full visibility is a major benefit. The ability to monitor virtually every angle under one device clearly offers convenience and cost savings.

When selecting the right 360-degree camera, factors like power source, storage capacity, resolution, connectivity, and night vision are important to consider upfront. You can follow our detailed buying guide. Whether you prefer a wired, battery-powered, solar-charged, or WiFi/cellular-enabled model, there are great options available.

Out of the top models reviewed, the Reolink 4K PTZ Outdoor Camera stands out as the top overall pick. With its market-leading 4K video quality, smart AI tracking, and zooming capabilities, it’s one of the best. Also, with versatile power options and robust mobile app controls, it delivers the full package for serious security needs.

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